6 Reasons Why You Need To Attend Industry Trade Shows And              User Conferences


Industry and user conferences are a fundamental part of the personal and professional growth of your team. They are a great way to discover new technologies and connect with industry leaders, giving you access to information not typically available to you. If you are considering attending a conference or sending a member of your team, you need to know the biggest takeaways and how to set yourself up for success.


Networking may seem like the most obvious reason to attend an event and you’re right  – it is, but it is also the most important. Industry events put you in front of industry leaders and the contacts you need. Whether it’s connecting with prospective clients, partnering with another business or building quality relationships; networking is key.

Training and Workshops

Hands-on experience and small group training can help you build off of old skills and to also develop new ones. Many user conferences have small group training for new programs or provide help with getting the most out of current applications. Workshops on implementing new processes, learning new techniques and small group discussions all create value and provide you with new approaches to share with your team.

Take the time to attend extra workshops to ensure you are taking full advantage of what the conference has to offer. By sharpening your skills, you become an asset to your agency and develop skills to help further your career.


Conferences afford you the opportunity for live collaboration with your fellow attendees; they are filled with an infinite amount of knowledge and skills. Some may have more experience that you can learn from and others you can help based on your prior experiences in the field. Exchange new ideas, gain a new perspective and learn how others are using the same tools and resources you are.

A big part of meeting new people and collaborating is stepping outside of your comfort zone. Go the extra mile and schedule a meeting. This can be with a small group to bounce around ideas or in a one-on-one meeting to finalize a deal or partnership.

Stay in touch and continue the conversation after the show. It creates real and mutually beneficial relationships. Make sure to grab a business card from contacts, include any notes from the show and follow-up via email or a professional online social group. Don’t sit on leads and remember to send thank you cards to anyone that took time out of the show to meet with you.

Personal and Professional Growth

The only way to grow is to change and adapt to new situations. Meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone can help you to hone your skills. Repeating over and over again your name and title and explaining what you do gives you the confidence you need to show conviction in your words and what you do professionally.

Growth in any profession comes with networking, collaborating, learning and implementing new ideas that you take home from the conference. Applying these new ideas and processes to your work benefits the entire team. Attending conferences not only helps with communication but ideas for how to build a better foundation for your team.

Position Yourself as a Leader in Your Field

Attending a trade show or user conference is a great opportunity to position yourself in front of countless peers as a leader in your field. Your skills and experience provide a wealth of knowledge for fellow attendees.

Sign up to be a speaker and host a valuable session. Lead or participate in a panel discussion and create a conversation around topics you feel strongly about. Share workbooks, guides or downloads in your panels or sessions. Build on your skills and provide attendees with tools they can use to build confidence in their career and to continue sharing knowledge in the field.

Host networking parties, inviting specific guests you’ve met throughout the show, or invite members of a professional group you belong to. Sponsor a social event or part of the conference to have your company name displayed in marketing materials for everyone to see.

New Technology

One of the biggest takeaways from a show is learning about new technology and resources available to you. Learn about new apps, short-cuts and trends to help you grow your business and work more efficiently. Technology can be our biggest ally when growing a business or improving processes. Stay up-to-date with all of the newest trends in your industry and don’t get left behind.

Attending industry shows benefits not only the person who attends but the entire team they work with. Discovering new ways to communicate, innovate and expand is key growing as a business.

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