How Your Department Can Defend Engine Placement Using Data

Defending your decisions isn’t hard when you use the right tools to support your efforts.

Your biggest asset is data

Data is more important than ever. Using the right data at the right moment can mean a world of difference for your department and community.

As our cities continue to grow and technology systems improve, so do our systems for communication, responsiveness, and data usage and collection.

At Deccan, we support our fire and EMS leaders by providing them with the data they need to make informed decisions. We’ve built a suite of software to assist our leaders in their day-to-day operations and help them to define their goals and develop tangible results.

The Long Beach Fire Department uses ADAM to defend their engine placement by having the right data to take the guesswork out of making critical decisions. They are able to support findings with real-time and historical data that they can also use to make projections for future departmental changes.

ADAM (Apparatus Deployment Analysis Module) uses historical CAD data and GIS map data to project the impact of deployment changes on response times and availability. ADAM is a predictive modeling tool that departments use for decision-making, reporting and city planning.


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