Determining The Right Tools For Your Department

Determining The Right TOols FOr Your Department

Custom-built to meet the unique needs of each department, Deccan’s data-driven applications help Fire & EMS leaders improve their department’s response times, optimize their resources and defend their budgets.

How can we help your department better serve your community?


Struggle with diminishing funds, fighting to keep your budget intact?

Show the impact of response times when removing a response unit, or closing a fire station, providing evidence-based data to city officials that support your operations and resource needs in order to best serve your community.

Deccan Solution: ADAM


Want to become an Accredited agency?

Measure both current and historical deployment and response performance, while also reliably predicting future response performance. 

Deccan Solution: ADAM


Know if you’re using your current and/or new resources as efficiently as possible?

Quickly predict the outcome of operational changes for accurate, planning decisions by evaluating your performance to response criteria and optimizing your resources. Run “what-if” scenarios based on historical data to determine the most impactful location for fire stations, trucks, medic units, etc.

Deccan Solution: ADAM


Use manual move-up charts or pre-planned schedules for move-up decisions?

Reduce decision-making time and create consistency among dispatchers in move-up executions with automated, real-time alerts and recommendations in a computer-based move-up system.

Deccan Solution: LiveMUM


Know the best locations to move-up your resources to at any given time?

Efficiently re-deploy resources to maintain satisfactory coverage across service areas, based on current and expected call volume, in real-time.

Deccan Solution: LiveMUM


Dispatch for multiple different agencies?

Manage move-ups for every station and department from one easy-to-use tool, accounting for each departments unique business rules.

Deccan Solution: LiveMUM


Have an easy way to update your run cards?

Automate your static run cards saving time in labor – create error-free run cards in minutes, directly imported into your CAD system.

Deccan Solution: BARB


Face response time challenges during large scale community events?

Create new deployment and street network scenarios to generate run-cards that can be used to pre-plan and import into your CAD for special events.

Deccan Solution: BARB


Have a run card back-up solution for disaster situations?

Automate the process to allow for inclusion of mutual aid and region-wide situations, specialty vehicles and more. 

Deccan Solution: BARB


Have challenges with address verification in your CAD?

Use a map-based look-up tool for quick cross-verification of CAD recommendations.

Deccan Solution: DiVa

What solutions will your department benefit from the most? 

Contact Jack Breitbeil at to find the right solution for you.