Webinar Recording: Money Matters! - Using Deccan and ESRI Tools to Maximize Your Budget and Optimize Your Resources

Every Fire and EMS department has at least one thing in common – a budget. When asked to defend the people and resources that make up that budget, many departments lack the proper tools and data to make informed decisions. The question then becomes, how can a department analyze changes to budgets and how those changes will impact service levels for the community?

In this webinar Deccan and ESRI discuss how their technologies can help Fire and EMS leaders quickly assess and address the outcome of operational changes such as budget changes, station relocations, and/or station closures and consolidation. Through powerful predictive modeling and analysis, these technologies efficiently deliver the data you need for decision-making and planning. By effectively managing and defending your budget, you make the most of your response performance. 

Listen to our panelist of speakers including Kevin Millikan, Assistant Chief, Torrance Fire Department, Mike Cox, current Director of Fire & EMS Solutions, ESRI and retired Deputy Fire Chief, Henrico County Division of Fire, and Alex Temes, Project Manager, Deccan, discuss their real-world dealings with budget management.

KEvin Milikan, Assistant Chief, Torrance Fire Department

Mike Cox, Director of Fire & EMS Solutions, ESRI