City Planning and the Fire Department

Every community and fire department experiences change – change in both population and infrastructure, requiring you to monitor, change, and redistribute your department’s resources. Increases, decreases or a migration in population, the opening or closing of a housing development, the construction of a new shopping center, or the addition of a new road or highway are all aspects of change you see within your community that need to be monitored and managed on a regular basis.

Having the right information at the right time is critical for effective decision-making. Deccan’s powerful predictive modeling and deployment analysis tools can help city leaders make decisions using science and math to evaluate complex questions.

Actively Manage the Ever-changing Needs of Your City and
Fire Department

Ways Deccan Tools Can Directly Help Your
Department With Its’ City Planning Needs:

New Station Planning

Apparatus Placement

Budget Allocation

Street-network Planning

New Run-order Creation

Mutual-aid Agreements

Does Your Fire Department Have a Seat at the Planning Table?

Your fire department has the ability to take control and secure a seat at the planning table. How? By making smart, evidence-based recommendations. In this paper we will share with you what we like to call the “Superior Approach”, to help you establish an institutionalized process that provides indisputable justifications for the resources needed in order to handle both general and new development population growth.

City Planning White Paper

Common City Planning Questions Deccan Can Help Answer:

  • How will a new housing development project impact my 911 calls for service workload?
  • What is the best location for a new fire station to serve an increasing population or a new community development?
  • Where should I place new apparatus to optimize my response performance?
  • How do we take advantage of a new highway to improve our response times?
  • How do I know if it’s more cost-effective to enter into a mutual-aid agreement with a neighboring city, or to open a new station instead?
  • How would a population shift impact the current and future allocation of my fire department resources?

Let Deccan Help You Optimize and Stay Ahead of the Curve When Planning for New Developments in Your Community