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Money Matters! – Using Deccan and ESRI Tools to Maximize Your Budget and Optimize Response

Thursday, Oct 29th 2020

Every Fire and EMS department has at least one thing in common – a budget. When asked to defend the people and resources that make up that budget, many departments lack the proper tools and data to make informed decisions. The question then becomes, how can a department analyze changes to budgets and how those changes will impact service levels for the community?

In this webinar you’ll learn how Deccan and ESRI technologies can help Fire and EMS leaders quickly assess and address the outcome of operational changes such as budget changes, station relocations, and/or station closures and consolidation. Through powerful predictive modeling and analysis, these technologies efficiently deliver the data you need for decision-making and planning. By effectively managing and defending your budget, you make the most of your response performance.

Join our panelist of speakers including Mike Cox, current Director of Fire & EMS Solutions at ESRI and retired Deputy Fire Chief, Henrico, and Alex Temes, Project Manager, Deccan, to learn from their real-world dealings with budget management.

Your Journey to Accreditation Made Simpler with Deccan

Tuesday, July 21st 2020

The Accreditation process can be daunting and leave your team guessing at where to start. At Deccan, we want to provide you with the step-by-step information you need to feel confident in creating an accurate and comprehensive Community Risk Assessments/Standards of Cover document.

During this webinar we will provide you with an in-depth understanding as to exactly which of the “stops” along your journey to Accreditation Deccan can help you with, and the type of data that can assist you through rigorous analysis and predictive modeling in support of specific Accreditation criteria – saving you precious man-hours in your Accreditation pursuit!

Deccan can provide your agency with the tools needed to meet performance targets for fire and emergency services to better serve your community.

Meet BARB: Box-Area Automated Run-Card Builder

Thursday, June 11th 2020

We would like to formally introduce you to Deccan’s Box-Area Automated Run-Card Builder (BARB), our run-card automation tool that incorporates similar data inputs as your LiveMUM application. By expertly processing and handling the building of station and unit run orders, BARB can save hundreds of hours of labor by building-error free run-cards in just minutes. BARB also provides users with the ability to QA street networks, create time target maps, and easily create new static dispatch scenarios. With BARB your agency will have the ability to:

• Utilize run-card automation
• Optimize mutual-aid agreements
• Gain access to a powerful GIS toolbox
• Create pre-planned run-cards for both unplanned and planned events
• Account for your unique set of business rules

and so much more!

How Fire & EMS Agencies Can Use GIS to Serve Communities for Pandemic Response and Recovery

Wednesday, May 13th 2020

Join Deccan, Esri, and special guest Chief Dan Munsey of San Bernardino County Fire as they present how GIS can support fire operations including mutual aid workflows and apparatus deployment/location to assist decision makers during the Coronavirus pandemic. Deccan uses Esri’s ArcGIS, a powerful location intelligence platform, to support decision making for station planning based on decreasing staffing levels due to illness, apparatus relocation for makeshift hospitals, staffing and deployment changes, opening temporary station locations to handle workload, increases in “hot spot” areas and more. Attendees will learn how Fire and EMS agencies across the country are using these powerful tools to make a difference right now.

Achieve the Data Clarity and Confidence You Need for Accreditation with Deccan

Tuesday, July 16th 2019

In order to obtain CFAI Accreditation you need accurate data you can trust. Deccan’s rigorous data processing techniques give you confidence that the numbers you rely on are true to the reality of your response performance. We use powerful mathematical calculations and algorithms to analyze projected response performance amid changing service needs and deployment capabilities.

At Deccan, we know accurately estimating future probability of incident distribution requires more than extending historical trends. Our solutions position you for Accreditation success by equipping you with the tools and predictive modeling power you need to create an accurate and comprehensive Community Risk Assessment/Standards of Cover document.

In this webinar you’ll learn how fire departments across the country are using Deccan analytics to evaluate the impact of new developments, population growth, changing demographics, or changing geography on an agency’s response performance to achieve CFAI Accreditation.

Improve Deployment and Streamline Operations with the Power of Deccan Analytics: A Webinar Partnership with CPSE

Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018

Is your department facing deployment challenges such as limited resources, tough-to-achieve performance targets, ever-increasing workloads, or all of the above?

Learn how Deccan International’s software tools can help you better understand what and where your challenges truly are, while providing you with clear and compelling solutions to achieve the performance levels and the accreditation targets you strive to achieve.

During this 60 minute webinar Deccan will provide an in-depth understanding through real-world client scenarios of how our tools allow you to analyze your current response performance to identify areas for improvement, and then simulate deployment changes to project the impact these changes will have on your response times – saving you precious staff-hours in your Accreditation pursuit!