Dispatch Failsafe, formerly DiVa (Dispatch Validator), acts as a standalone back-up in the event of network outage or CAD system downtime.


Dispatch Failsafe is built exclusively with dispatchers’ operational requirements in mind. Speedy processing, easy-to-use interfaces and a robust back-end address verification system make Dispatch Failsafe an indispensable tool for dispatcher operations.

Dispatch Failsafe Capabilities

• Optimized speed and resource usage for uninterrupted use on dispatcher workstations

• Easy map-based lookup for quick cross-verification of CAD recommendations

• Allows for unforced dispatcher errors, including “loose” entry of addresses

• Deploys customized business rules to support department specific dispatch policies

• Supports run-card lookup for both stations and specific unit types

• Area-wide resource run-cards for disaster response

• Evaluates static run orders from run-card based CAD

• Provides run-cards of actual street addresses that are close to the entered address

• Address verification and run-card assignment for dispatch can be accomplished in an ECC (Emergency Command Center) when CAD connectivity isn’t available

“Dispatch Failsafe is built with dispatcher operational requirements in mind and that is one of the things that I absolutely love about the product. It’s built around how comm. centers and dispatchers think and what their daily operations are.”


How often is Dispatch Failsafe updated through maintenance?

As part of the annual maintenance plan, Deccan performs bi-annual updates or additional updates at the request of the client.

What are other applications and purposes of Dispatch Failsafe?

Dispatch Failsafe can assist with answering questions posed by insurance companies regarding first dues and closest stations. It can also be a valuable tool for large scale disasters by including area-wide mutual aid units, specialty vehicles, etc., building comprehensive pick lists to provide critical supplementary information that the CAD does not provide.

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