LiveMUM (Live Move-Up Module) is a real-time operational module that provides emergency dispatchers with instant, optimal move-up recommendations while helping them monitor live coverage.

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Connecting with CAD in real-time, LiveMUM (Live Move-Up Module) identifies holes in coverage by tracking each unit’s status, location, and incident assignment. The software then instantaneously recommends optimal unit relocations, or “move-ups”, that reflect the department’s coverage policies.

Unlike standard system status management (SSM) and rules-based relocation models, LiveMUM is a dynamic tool with the flexibility to account for the changing complexity of your system moment by moment. With LiveMUM, dispatchers do not have to depend upon static move-up charts, pre-planned move-up schedules, or field personnel—significantly reducing time and the risk of human error.

LiveMUM Capabilities

• Instant awareness of coverage gaps

• Practical move-up recommendations

• Intuitive color-coded real-time coverage maps

• Browser-based technology to facilitate access in the field

• Customized business rules and department-specific policies

• Dynamic training and evaluation functions

• Advanced interoperability and disaster-planning tools

• Evaluation windows to test different move-up options in real-time

• Integrates seamlessly with CAD to provide instant move-up recommendations directly to the dispatcher’s desktop or to field personnel

“LiveMUM has helped us reduce move-ups and increase response time performance, over a manual method. So, hands down, it’s proved its worth.”


“Previously, we had three municipalities that were working distinctly separate from each other, so we had our own coverage strategies and objectives. When LiveMUM was presented to us, we saw that there was an opportunity to find some efficiencies and be better coordinated through creating joint business rules as opposed to having three separate business rules. LiveMUM  has really been an important part in keeping our three departments working very closely together.”


What is a move-up?

A move-up is a temporary relocation of an emergency response unit. Deccan’s LiveMUM (Move-Up Module) application analyzes current emergency response coverage and looks for areas in which there is a coverage gap (i.e., no unit for a particular type of response would be able to respond within acceptable timeframe). When such conditions exist, the program suggests a unit move to a location (typically a fire station or a designated EMS post) which provides better response coverage to that area. Historical data is used in generating these recommendations efficiently. In addition, when response coverage is restored in the original area, LiveMUM can be configured to move the moved-up unit back to its original location.

Some CAD systems offer move-up recommendations. What makes LiveMUM so different?

LiveMUM takes into account all unique combinations of units existing at any given instance of time to make move-up recommendations. LiveMUM listens to CAD in real-time, and uses the extensive analysis of Deccan’s deployment module – ADAM, to identify coverage problem areas on the fly, and assists with the most appropriate unit recommendation for the current conditions. Thus, LiveMUM not only removes any guess work in move-up recommendations, but provides the dispatcher with the most optimal move-up rationale to ensure balanced coverage needs.

Will LiveMUM work with my CAD system?

In order to serve the wide range of Fire & EMS departments and agencies that we do, we work with a variety of CAD vendors, including: TriTech, Hexagon, Motorola, Superion, Tyler Technologies, Spillman, Versaterm, FDM, and homegrown CAD systems.

Deccan maintains interface specifications for LiveMUM, which CAD vendors are able to utilize to build a connection to their CAD system. This interface includes the ability to provide bi-directional functionality. In other words, when utilized, LiveMUM can not only read data from the CAD system, but also send move-up dispatches back through the CAD system, saving the end-user time and increasing efficiency.

What is the difference between system status management (SSM) and LiveMUM?

While SSM is premised on a limited set of pre-plans developed and supplied by users, LiveMUM calculates (after learning from historical CAD data) optimal move-ups based on the real-time availability and location of units.

As a result:

• While SSM needs the user to gamble valuable man-hours on prospective locations that may prove unworthy and need to be regularly updated, LiveMUM needs minimal work from the user.

• There are fewer and more effective move-ups with LiveMUM because it avoids the many unnecessary move-ups that are suggested by SSM.

• Finally, only LiveMUM has the ability to calculate and display easy-to-understand color-coded maps of real-time coverage gaps. This display greatly assists dispatchers to quickly ascertain if move-ups are truly needed in the first place, and if so, decide on the more effective move-up.

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