Position Yourself for Accreditation Success

The Accreditation process can be daunting and leave your team guessing at where to start. Deccan solutions are here to help position you for Accreditation success by equipping you with the tools and support you need to create an accurate and comprehensive Community Risk Assessment/Standards of Cover document.

As you move along your journey to Accreditation, Deccan can assist you through rigorous analysis and predictive modeling in support of specific Accreditation criteria – saving you precious man-hours in your Accreditation pursuit! We’ll provide your agency with the tools needed to meet performance targets for fire and emergency services to better serve your community.

Exclusive Guide to Accreditation with Deccan

We have put together a special document to highlight how Deccan can help your agency in the Accreditation process. Included in this document you will find a listing of all the criteria, performance indicators, and core competencies provided in both the Center for Public Safety Excellence’s (CPSE) 10th Ed. Community Risk Assessment: Standards of Cover and the Commission on Fire Accreditation International’s (CFAI) 10th Ed. Accreditation model, and how Deccan can help demonstrate compliance.

CFAI Accreditation White Paper

Utilizing Deccan’s ADAM module, Deccan can help your department directly with:

Data Integrity

Current Deployment and Performance

Maintaining and Improving Response Capabilities

Reliable Forecasting

Historical Data for Future Response

Annual Compliance Reporting

Let Deccan Give You A Leg Up

Accreditation Webinar with CPSE

Set Your Department Up for Accreditation Success with Deccan: A Webinar in Partnership with CPSE