How to Purchase Deccan Products

Is your department a member of NPPGov? Purchase Deccan through NPPGov.

NPPGov provides nationwide cooperative public procurement solutions. Contracts are competitively solicited by a Lead Public Agency in accordance with government purchasing regulations. The contracts include “piggybacking” language allowing utilization by NPPGov members nationwide. NPPGov is not a reseller, but rather a channel that offers publicly solicited agreements to local and state government entitles throughout the nation. NPPGov members are eligible to purchase through competitively solicited contracts, saving departments both time and money.

Deccan is a registered, vetted vendor on NPPGov through the Lead Public Agency, League of Oregon Cities. Not sure if your department is a member? Both Deccan and NPPGov staff will be happy to help assist you with finding out. As a nationally recognized procurement agency, NPPGov provides an objective, fair way to purchase Deccan products. To learn more, visit our NPPGov vendor page.

Want to take advantage of your CAD vendor agreement? Purchase through our CAD partners.

Deccan boasts a long history of working with multiple CAD vendors, and we are proud of the strong partnerships we’ve developed. Our CAD vendor reseller agreements allow you to purchase our products directly through your CAD vendor. As a reseller of Deccan products, your current CAD vendor can directly sell you our products, simply adding on to your existing CAD contract. Or, if your agency is, or will be, going through the RFP process to obtain a new CAD vendor, you can include Deccan in the RFP process as a 3rd party vendor.subcontractor. In many cases, Deccan comes into play to help fulfill deployment-related RFP requirements CAD vendors do not specialize in, for example, real-time, computer-aided move-ups, or automated run-card building.

Does your department require you to issue an RFP? No problem - purchase Deccan through an RFP.

Deccan is not a stranger to the RFP process – we have decades of experience answering RFP’s with an impressive success rate. If your procurement department allows you to ‘piggyback’ off of an RFP that has already been conducted by another public safety agency, we will be glad to provide you with the necessary documentation to do so.

However, we understand that when purchasing technology for real-time or strategic deployment planning, for some procurement departments the RFP process is simply non-negotiable. We are here to help you with whatever you need – Deccan even has recommended product specifications that can assist you in outlining your requirements, making the process as straightforward as possible.

Ready to buy right now? Purchase from Deccan.

You can purchase directly from Deccan! We are well versed in assisting agencies in the purchasing process, and have years of experience working with procurement departments. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help!

Are you a fire department dispatched by a separate communications center? Purchase through your partner.

Often times we see situations with multiple stakeholders in which one department is the initiator in the procurement of Deccan, however, another agency’s budget may be better suited to take on the purchase of new software. We encourage agencies to work together with all of their stakeholders to determine how each interested party can utilize Deccan under a single contract, helping to ease the burden of purchasing new technology by distributing the costs.

Do you have mutual-aid or auto-aid agreements with neighboring agencies that already utilize Deccan products? Purchase through your neighboring agency.

If one of your neighboring agencies already has Deccan and you have a mutual-aid or auto-aid agreement in place with them, you can simply “add on” to their existing Deccan contract – helping to decrease your expenditure while simultaneously ensuring equity of service across and between your service areas. Alternatively, if a neighboring department does not already have Deccan but is also interested in utilizing our products, you can jointly purchase Deccan products to help absorb the cost.

Does your agency already have a Deccan application? Add-on to your existing contract.

As a pre-existing Deccan client, you already have a contract in place. If you are looking to add-on a second or third Deccan product, it’s a straightforward process to simply add-on to your existing contract.


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